WF Firestop Systems Limited

WF Firestop Systems

Based in Clevedon near Bristol, WF Firestop Systems (WFFS) is a trade based passive fire protection and air sealing construction company, founded in 2002.

WF Passive Fire Protection Solutions

WF Firestop Systems offer comprehensive passive fire protection and air sealing solutions to clients throughout the UK.

Our fire protection services include:

Installation of large and small scale fire barrier curtains (both vertical
and horizontal)

Installation of penetration seals through walls and floors

Structural steelwork protection

Installation of air sealing solutions and cavity fire barriers

WFFS Quality assurance

Our FIRAS certified company is comprised of a highly professional and experienced project management team, supported by expert engineers and installation specialists.

We are always striving to improve our services and keep up-to-date with new industry specifications and requirements.