WF Firestop Systems Limited

WF Associates and Suppliers

Below, we have provided a small selection of the companies we use and recommend.

WF Firestop Systems believe in co-operating with fire protection manufacturers and suppliers to find the best fire protection solutions.

Our clients expect quality craftmanship, and we can only keep to such continuous high standards (and recommend the best use of industry compliant materials), by working with suppliers that hold the same customer service values.

tba_logo TBA FIREFLY develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of quality cavity fire barrier products to the fire protection industry. WF Firestop Systems are TBA horizontal control zone partners.
FIRETHERM manufacture and supply fire stopping materials to the construction industry.
IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment through training schemes and safety programmes.
PASMA provide industry standard training schemes and codes of practice for the correct and safe use of access towers.
BENSONS specialise in the development, maintenance and construction of both commercial and residential properties. They are especially skilled in the renovation of heritage buildings.